Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Program


Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Program

YELP, The Living VisionPutt Away Cancer is an event sponsored by the Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Program, the Living Vision (YELP).  This event is a collaborative effort involving the entire family and community.  A collaboration to build awareness of the physical, mental, and financial needs of persons with cancer. YELP boasts to be a fisherman of character and Putt Away Cancer promotes to inspire HOPE.

The mission of the Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Program is to serve at-risk youth by involving them in programs, which reward their individual and team efforts in becoming productive, contributing members of society.

One of YELP’s goals is to reduce the production of Drop-Out Factories that have a negative impact on the high school graduation rate.  With the support of the community, and with the Community Rewards Coupon (CRC) system, we will distribute the value of being a work ready citizen to our community.

YELP believes each child has a natural gift that society must cultivate in order for the child to reach success.  The program connects with several organizations and individuals in the community to provide activities and opportunities for youth within the areas we serve.

YELP has recently expanded the organization to Texas.  They have served several communities within North Carolina for almost two decades and understand that Cancer has no respect of age, geographical location, economic status, or religious affiliation.

Together Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Program, The Living Vision and Putt Away Cancer are building a unique support system.  These efforts will engage the entire community in the Inaugural Putt Away Cancer Miniature Golf Tournament and Banquet.  YELP & Putt Away Cancer are making a difference in the lives of cancer patients, one dollar at a time!

For more information about how you can get involved with the Youth Entrepreneur Leadership Program, the Living Vision, please visit or call 336-338-2769.




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