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Calais’s Story

Calaisgold ribbonOn November 2, 2015 our wonderful world was forever changed. Early one morning while getting our children ready for school I overhead my husband yelling at our three year old daughter Calais to respond to him. I innocently thought that she was not paying attention to him and was watching television but I quickly recognized the panic in my husband’s voice, and my daughter’s absent gaze, that she was having a seizure.

As if in slow motion, we quickly grabbed what we could and headed to Children’s Hospital. The car ride felt heavy as we raced through rush hour traffic. Something felt off. Calais threw up again in the back seat of the car and had yet another seizure.

I tried to call my mother, a nurse, for possible guidance and kept dropping the phone. She assumed a high fever was making her have a seizure. We discovered at the hospital that Calais had no fever and they would run some tests.

After some bloodwork that led to an MRI they called us into a room and said we would need to “gather our resources.” We went from having a child that was well at every visit, tracked early, walked and talked early to now being sick. They showed us preliminary MRIs and that she had a mass on her brain. She was later admitted and found to have a rare tumor that needed a careful operation. Now for the good part. Yes, there is a good part. A great part because God is very good.

Dr. Oliuigbo was the neurosurgeon that operated on her tumor. He brought skill, kindness and compassion along with his dedication to Calais. There is no way to thank him and the team enough. He removed 99% of the tumor and it had not spread. Minutes out of surgery she was feisty and eating and talking. This is a journey about BELIEVING. I will tell you all of the many Angels that visited me in the nighttime while I was in the hospital and told me to NEVER doubt. I won’t. I only believe, For Calais. She is a fighter. She has a story to tell. Just because a percentage or words say one thing, God sometimes has other plans. My heart is not only opened now to of course my child but to all of those beautiful children and warrior parents that I see. Thanks to all of the families that follow us and pray for us on our road to recovery. Believe. Believe. Believe. Amen.

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