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Cancer is more than the illness and the pain endured by the treatments. It seeks to take center stage and saturate people’s lives by attacking the spiritual, mental, and financial resources of the patient and their families. Putt Away Cancer strives to create a community that is sensitive to the many needs of cancer patients. We host community events and fundraisers to promote awareness and support for those battling cancer. More than that, the events are for their families, their friends, and their supporters… building a Circle of Hope. The mission of The Putt Away Cancer Foundation is to take a communal approach to inspire HOPE through giving. We created a “Circle of Hope” scholarship to help fill the financial gap many endure. We will help the cancer community and their family retaliate against the financial war this disease commands, by gifting a Circle of Hope monetary award to selected recipients. Award amount will be determined based on funds raised. Cancer does not have a respect of person, age, gender, or geographical location…so why should we? ALL cancer patients are eligible to apply.

2017 Putt Away Cancer Award Application

*enrollment period opens 1 March – 30 September
**all applicants must sign consent and disclosure forms to aunthenticate their diagnosis.
***applications will be formally reviewed through the Circle of Hope committee



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