Our Mission

The Putt Away Cancer Foundation Mission

Members of the Putt Away Cancer team

Every organization has a reason and a purpose for their existence. In order to understand who we are, it’s important to know what The Putt Away Cancer Foundation mission is.

Our Motto: Inspiring HOPE through giving of our time, prayers, and resources.

Our Mission Statement: Putt Away Cancer desires is to inspire HOPE. Putt Away Cancer desires to encourage FAITH. Putt Away Cancer desires to promote LIFE. We will do this by building a Circle of HOPE and together Putt Away Cancer one dollar at a time.

Our Purpose:  The Putt Away Cancer Foundation is a Non-Profit organization that seeks to make an impact on the cancer community. Cancer is so much more than the diagnosis. It is more than the chemo treatments, and the medical bills. Often forcing those that have been diagnosed to question their faith and their ability to endure. The Putt Away Cancer will take a communal approach to inspire HOPE through fundraising to provide financial gifts to persons battling cancer.

Organizational Objectives:

  • Principles:
    • Establish high ethical standards in the community by;
      • Promoting life for Cancer Warriors.
      • Celebrating life with Cancer Survivors.
      • Inspiring HOPE for Cancer Warriors, their families and the community.
    • Always provide attainable advocacy for all level of cancer statuses


    • Develop a support system for cancer patients and their families;
    • Continue learning about the various cancer research and studies to provide literature for our community;
    • Collaborate with other cancer organizations and non-profits to build a resource bank of referrals;
    • Develop quarterly events and programming to promote a communal approach to supporting cancer warriors and their families;


    • Establish a “Circle of Hope” award for cancer survivors;
    • Develop an “Circle of Hope” academic scholarship for high school seniors or college students with a parent/sibling/grandparent that has had cancer;

    We are here for ALL Cancer warriors regardless the type of cancer or where you live. Learn more about how YOU can become part of our Circle of Hope by contacting us.