About Us

About Us

Many would agree that CANCER is an unfortunate link that binds us together. This greedy disease has touched the lives of all races, genders, ages, and all socio-economic brackets. It commands attention and strikes fear in the hearts of many.

Cancer is a terrible disease that will wreak havoc on the patient’s mental, physical, and emotional being. After witnessing the battle endured by Leilani Davis, The Putt Away Cancer Foundation was formed with a mission to make a difference for the cancer community.

The Putt Away Cancer Foundation is an Tax Exempt 501(c)(3) organization. Our goal is to raise the community consciousness of the various needs of cancer warriors and survivors. There’s more to the disease than the diagnosis. We seek to build a unique community of support to take a united stand against Cancer. This is what we call, the Circle of Hope.

Our mission is to inspire hope through giving our time, prayers, and resources. Persons diagnosed with cancer can receive help for medical bills via their insurance, assistance for utility bills, and many are eligible for food stamps. However, they are unable to get assistance to care for their personal needs because funding had not been allocated for those needs. Therefore The Putt Away Cancer Foundation has decided to help fill the gap and inspire hope through gifting a “Circle of Hope Award” which is small monetary donation. ALL cancer patients are eligible to apply.



***Coming soon; The Putt Away Cancer Foundation will begin awarding Circle of Hope Scholarships for high school seniors and college students of Cancer patients. Stay tuned for more information!!!

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